Griddixdog.com - the animal revolution! - the first International Social Game on web dedicated to dogs and dogs owners, it's the most simple and immediate way to meet and to interact with new international friends, that right like you have a dog and to share the passion for dogs.

Imagine a world without borders, ruled by chance, where relations among dog lovers are based only on their proximity in our grid world. We want to bring together dogs' lovers and owners from all over the world, so they can exchange experiences, know each other and interact.

Griddixdog.com is more of a Social Network. It's the first Social Game dedicated to dog owners and lovers, based on random interaction among members.
Griddixdog.com creates clusters of international users, creating new friendships, relationships among all dog owners worldwide.

To better understand the philosophy and the mission of Griddixdog.com - the animal revolution! - look at this short video interview to its founder.

Griddixdog.com is against any form of vivisection and experimentation on animals and invites you to support the LAV.

Due to the random nature of relationships and friendships, the subscription to Griddixdog.com is reserved only to over 18 people.

So, don't wait, Join now to Griddixdog.com - the animal revolution! Griddixdog.com registration is free and lifetime long.
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