Griddixdog.com's mission is to give everybody the chance to make several new friends and make sure that dog owners can meet and interact each other, regardless of where they live, of their dog's breed, age.

It's the system, in a completely random way, that creates the relationships among users. You can interact with your new neighbours without any limit and navigate the whole Griddixdog.com universe in any direction, to look for profiles you like and to interact with.

One of the Griddixdog.com aims is to create International weak ties and give dog owners more opportunities to get new friends and knowing each other.

Other Social Networks don't give you the possibility to know and meet new friends? Griddixdog.com - the animal revolution! - is exactly the opposite and was born to let you know and make new friends around the world that like you love dogs!

What new friends will give you the chance? Let's see and Join now to Griddixdog.com - the animal revolution!

The Dog is a social Animal

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